How to Improve Vocabulary in 2023 : 10 Ways To Do It | English By Zahid Sir

How to Improve Vocabulary in 2023 : 10 Ways To Do It | English By Zahid Sir


Do you want to bolster your writing and speaking skills of the English language? Then you need to carefully and seriously think about the question of “how to improve vocabulary.”

1. Use the online way more than the offline

These days using an offline dictionary has become a cliché. Therefore moving towards an online dictionary is always going to be a wise idea if you want to improve your English vocabulary. It must be in your mind that whenever you get stuck in a particular word which may be new for you, then it becomes compulsory for you to quickly and immediately look for the meaning through the online dictionary because there is no problem of Internet at present almost anywhere in the world and it will also save lots of time of yours.


2. Make yourself engaged in playing vocabulary-improving games

Games are not just going to give you entertainment and fun, but they will give you knowledge at the same time. When games involve education for the players, that means they’re just games nominally, but actually, they become a great way to boost your knowledge. If you just know about the Google Play Store, you will come to know that there are so many vocabulary-improving games that you can play to improve your vocabulary, and you will feel more assertive after that.


3. Make a sentence whenever you learn a new word

Don’t ever ever and ever make this mistake to forget making a sentence whenever you learn a particular new world, especially if that word is a little complicated in sound or spelling for you to learn. You should always try to learn the context in which you learnt that particular word, and hopefully, you would never have to think again in remembering that particular word while speaking or writing the English language.


4. Use mnemonics to memorize a particular word

Mnemonics have been used for a long time by various learners of the vocabulary of any language to make a great improvement in vocabulary. What is mnemonic? It’s a technique of remembering a particular thing, and in this context, it is a technique of remembering a particular word.

For example, there is a word “sanguine,” which means “optimistic.” Now only knowing the word and its meaning will not be enough to memorize it forever, but once you use mnemonics to memorize the same word, there’s more than 95% chance that you will have that word set in your mind.

Now let us use the mnemonic for the word “sanguine.” “Sanguine” sounds like “Penguin,” and in every cartoon program, “Penguin” looks very optimistic and cheerful. So this is how we can know the meaning of sanguine through a mnemonic. And this way of learning a particular word is known as a mnemonical way of learning. Let’s learn many more methods to find out the perfect answer to the question of “how to improve vocabulary.”


5. Make your reading habit a weapon of vocabulary improvement

Reading has been considered the best way to improve not just vocabulary but also other things related to the English language, such as sentence patterns and grammatical structures and rules. Vocabulary is such a thing that you can come across again and again when you have made yourself completely habitual in reading. It depends on you and any individual whether one thing or the other thing helps less or more, but surely reading is that method through which you can have an extensive improvement in your vocabulary without any doubt.


6. Never choose to miss out on “word of the day”

If you know some of the websites or you have installed some of the applications from the Google Play Store, you must learn “word of the day” because it will be your everyday vocabulary booster even if it happens to be one word or two depending upon how many applications you have installed and how many websites you have subscribed to.


7. Use the word in conversation whenever it is possible

Just learning and memorizing the words will not be sufficient for you to get stock of vocabulary in your mind, but while conversing, it will become compulsory for you to use the memorized words to make them the part of your conversation, speaking, and discussion.


8. Target the number of words to learn every day

Because you have thought of improving your vocabulary and taking it to a different level to make your English even better, so it becomes necessary for you to target the number of words to learn every day. Because you’re thinking about “how to improve vocabulary,” you must fix the number of words you should and must learn every day. Initially, you can start with 5 words every day, and after one month, you can take it to 10, and after three months, you can take it to 15 words every day so that after you complete one year, you may have a great stock of words of the English language to feel more confident in speaking and writing.


9. Keep the memorized words in mobile notes or diary for revision

Many people are in the habit of just looking at the words and then skipping to other things, and after some time or in a day or two, they always tend to forget those words which they just saw once or twice. Such people, if they care about vocabulary, must keep the words which are new for them either in their mobile notes or diary so that whenever they get time for themselves, they may always revise and keep those words up-to-date in their mind to be ready to use them whenever they think it’s possible and suitable.


10. Share the words with your friends

Has somebody asked you this question “how to improve vocabulary”? If yes, then you can surely tell all the above-mentioned points in addition to the point that sharing the words and discussing the words will be a very fast and less time-taking way to improve your vocabulary. You can ask your friends the meaning of the words you are sharing with them and also discuss the same words with them so that you may memorize those words in a complete way to use them while speaking and writing. This will also trigger excitement in your friends to improve vocabulary, and they will always appreciate your way of learning If they are truly good learners.


Final Point

Last but not least, it depends on how many points you’re going to follow out of the 10 points that I mentioned for you, and your vocabulary will improve accordingly. All the points for vocabulary improvement given above have been practically used by many people, and even I have used them personally, and I’m sharing this experience with you all so that you may also use these methods to improve your English vocabulary in very less time.

I hope, after reading this article on “how to improve vocabulary,” you will never have to think more about this question, and you’ll just get back to the action of improving your vocabulary to make sure you use the appropriate word at the appropriate situation along with knowing advanced vocabulary to increase your standard of English. And with this point, I just want to add one more thing that you shouldn’t learn a particular hard or difficult word to show off but rather to use it in an appropriate situation if that word fits there because this is why a new word is and should be learnt.

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