Migrate vs. Immigrate vs. Emigrate By Zahid Sir | English By Zahid Sir

Migrate vs. Immigrate vs. Emigrate By Zahid Sir | English By Zahid Sir

Migrate vs. Immigrate vs. Emigrate By Zahid Sir

Isn’t it quite confusing to understand the difference among migrate, immigrate and immigrate? It is certainly going to be a perplexing thing for all English learners because they are very much befuddled as to which one is to be used when it comes to moving from one place to another. So, in this particular blog, I would like to explain to every reader the differences among these words in a very clear-cut manner for you to easily understand. I’ll give you simple examples to make it clear for you so that you may know the differences and after that make yourself free from any kind of clutter in your mind.


Migrate: To move from one region or country to another


John decided that he would be migrating from Russia to France and he will start the journey of migration on Monday.

Some people decide to migrate from one place to another place because of the pandemic.

It is a habit of birds to migrate from one place to another due to changes in weather.


Immigrate: to move to a foreign country to live permanently


All of his friends are very curious to immigrate to the USA because they find the lifestyle there to be quite different.

Why do many rich people immigrate to Dubai, especially after setting up their business successfully in their native places?

Some people decided to immigrate to their favorite countries due to the political unrest in their own countries.


Emigrate: To leave one’s country in order to reside somewhere else


It’s not a good idea to emigrate unless there is a practical reason to do it.

Emigrating citizens of the USA were told to keep the respect of their national flag in their hearts all the time.

If anybody tries to emigrate, he/she should think about the target place carefully otherwise it may be chaotic and problematic for him/her.

I’ve very well mentioned the differences among all the 3 words and I hope that you have understood the differences among migrate, immigrate and emigrate. You can carefully go through all three examples of each to make sure that you understand them properly with the meanings given beside them. Focus on the meaning carefully and understand the differences and then go through the examples to make it easier for you to remember them not to forget again.

So, I also hope that you have liked this particular blog on migrate vs. immigrate vs. emigrate. Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comments section below and do share this blog with others as well.

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