Difference between Quite and Quiet: Quite vs Quiet | Zahid Sir

Difference between Quite and Quiet: Quite vs Quiet | Zahid Sir

Difference between Quite and Quiet: Quite vs Quiet By Zahid Sir

He is quite well or he is quiet well? Which one should be used as per your understanding? Well, there are many different types of English words like these two which are confusing for English learners to understand as they are not able to understand the differences in the spellings and they end up using the one which should be avoided. This particular confusion arises because of the spelling differences which discombobulates the minds of the learners. It happens especially when it comes to the writing part because that’s where the learners of the language make mistakes because they’re not able to differentiate between the two similar-looking terms. The words with the same pronunciation and different spellings are basically known as homophones and these homophones need to be understood in the most precise manner with examples so that the confusion may not arise the second time the learners of the language try to use them. Let’s understand the difference between quite and quiet.

Meaning of QUITE

It means completely or slightly. This particular word is used as an adverb and it has two meanings which are also opposite to each other. The context of the sentence  and the expressions given by the speaker can easily tell whether the speaker wants to say completely or slightly.

For example: He is feeling quite well these days and this happened because he started doing exercise two months ago.

Meaning of QUIET

It simply means silent, noiseless or soundless and it can also refer to something which is done secretly or discreetly.

For example: You should be quiet when you are not required to speak on a particular topic.

They wanted a quiet wedding and therefore, they decided to do it only with close family members.


Let’s understand the difference between quite and quiet with more examples

Examples of Quite

He’s quite good when it comes to working on different types of software for photo editing.

His business is running quite well these days because the markets have opened up.

Examples of Quiet

We should not try to make the students quiet if they have some valid questions to ask.

Most of the juniors remain quiet when their seniors have to tell them something important related to their work.

Understand the difference between quite and quiet through the given table even in a better way:

MeaningCompletely or slightlySilent, noiseless or soundless
Part of speechAdverbAdjective
ExampleThey are quite comfortable in this party.They are quiet in this party.

I hope that you have understood the difference between quite and quiet through the above-given examples. Don’t forget to leave the comments in the comments section below and also share this particular blog with others.

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