10 Everyday Idioms That You Must Know

10 Everyday Idioms That You Must Know

10 Everyday Idioms That You Must Know By Zahid Sir

Idiomatic expressions are great when you want to speak English with good standard and they may improve your writing skills as well. There are 10 everyday idioms that you must know and they have been given with examples so that you may know how to use them properly without a single mistake. So, let’s get started and understand them one by one to make our English even better.

1. Feel under the weather: To feel sick or ill

For example: One of my friends was feeling under the weather yesterday and because of this, he couldn’t come to the office.

2. Read somebody the riot act: To scold or reprimand somebody

For example: If he does this again, you should read him the riot act because it will be a kind of warning for him and he will try to become better.

3. Spill the beans: To tell a secret

For example: Whenever he’s asked to remain silent about a particular matter, he is not able to digest it and he spills the beans in front of many people.

4. Beat around the Bush: To avoid talking about something clearly

For example: Why are you trying to beat around the bush if the matter is already known to all?

5. Turn a blind eye: To ignore something

For example: He was turning a blind eye to his parents’ words because he didn’t want to follow them.

6. Hit the nail on the head: To say something exactly right

For example: When he was talking about the condition of the country at present, he was basically hitting the nail on the head.

7. Have butterflies in one’s stomach: To have a nervous feeling

For example: Whenever he used to go for the interview just after passing his graduation, he always used to get butterflies in his stomach.

8. Add insult to injury: To make a situation worse

For example: Employees already get their salary late every month but with this reduction, it is doing nothing but adding insult to injury.

9. Save for rainy day: To save money for unexpected need

For example: Since he had saved for the rainy day, he had a good amount of money to get his sister married.

10. Burn the midnight oil:  To work hard till late at night

For example: He has become an IAS officer because he has burnt the midnight oil and it has paid him off greatly.

I hope you have understood these top 10 everyday idioms that you must know and these idioms will certainly help you to become better in your English. You just need to practise them on a daily basis. Do share it with your friends and learn together.

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