How to Overcome Fear of Making Mistakes in English?

How to Overcome Fear of Making Mistakes in English?


How to Overcome Fear of Making Mistakes in English?

The fear of making mistakes in English is a very normal fear for all students of English and they do get it because they have a lack of understanding of the language. Language is a way of communication and everybody is different when it comes to having the commandment over it. In the same way, everybody cannot be perfect and even teachers are not 100% perfect because there is a possibility for them as well to make mistakes. So, making mistakes has always been a crucial part of human life in terms of language and it is something which needs to be dealt with in different types of ways which are going to be mentioned as follows:

Making the mindset different

It is important for you to make your mindset in such a way that you may take mistakes of the language as a normal process for you to learn from it rather than feeling bad about it by feeling that you have less understanding of the language. Embrace your mistakes and work out accordingly so that you do not repeat the same mistakes in your English.

Set the goal and practise regularly

Setting the goal and then practising consistently with good vocabulary and sentences will definitely give you great learning of the English language. If you feel that you need certain things in a certain section such as tenses or modals, you can work accordingly and make sure that you do not make mistakes in such things. The students struggle a lot when it comes to basic rules of English especially the tenses and that’s where they get stuck and end up making mistakes and then start repenting about those mistakes. If they can start feeling confident by practising all these rules, their mistakes will be eradicated.

Taking English classes and learning through various sources

There are various sources such as English learning apps, websites and English learning-related videos that can be helpful for students. They can also try and take out some time for taking online or offline classes to make sure that they get to understand the types of mistakes they make in their English and then also be guided by their instructors to make themselves better.

Recording and giving feedback to yourself

If you are able to record your voice or your video, that’s definitely going to be useful for you because that will help you to give feedback to yourself to make sure that you speak better the next time you interact with people on similar topics or in a similar situation. You can do this by analyzing your mistakes and working towards them.

Patience and the right understanding will help

If you have patience that you will be able to overcome your mistakes by practising on a regular basis and you understand that mistakes are normal and they’re bound to happen as they’re the natural process of the language because even native speakers of any language make mistakes, you will definitely become better. You may be the second or third language learner and your English can be second or third language and you should not let yourself feel underconfident just because you make mistakes. Make sure that you are confident enough to speak the language and get your message across rather than thinking about a few mistakes that you may be making.

I hope that you have understood all the points mentioned above but one thing that you need to understand and that is that if you make too many mistakes, you certainly need to be worried about it but not feel negative about it. You need to learn from the basics and understand the rules of the language. Start learning the English language from the scratch to make yourself better day by day and take your level to intermediate and advanced. Do share your comments in the comments section if it has been able to help you in any way.

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