How to overcome fear of English speaking in 2023?

How to overcome fear of English speaking in 2023?

How to overcome fear of English speaking?

Fear of English speaking is something that all students go through when they start learning English. It is something that can be conquered very easily but there is a requirement of practice on a regular basis with complete consistency and hard work. There are certain ways that can be used by students to make sure that they are able to work on fear of English speaking.

1. Fear is natural

When it comes to fear, having it is very natural and a student should not feel that it is going to be a different thing. They should go ahead with their lessons and learn the language in a way that can make them feel confident day by day.

2. Setting the goal and immersing oneself

If students feel that they lack language skills, they need to make sure that they are immersed in this particular English language completely and they are able to set their goals in terms of number of days. Once they set their goals, they will be able to make sure that they learn the language in a very fast manner.

3. Taking English classes and practising daily

Once the students think that their English skills are not up to the standard that they feel that should be but they can somewhere manage to speak it then they should definitely go ahead with the English classes and practise their language as often as possible. Practice is something which is definitely going to make a huge difference and it will help them speak their language with better confidence by removing the fear as well.

4. Usage of technology to learn English

Once you are able to know that you are doing the things which are required for you to learn the language, you need to make sure that you also use technology such as mobile devices and other electronic devices. You can go through YouTube, Google search engines and various other websites which can give you the lessons for you to practise.

5. Go through building vocabulary and fluency

It is very commonly seen that students have the problem in usage of vocabulary and they’re also not able to speak the language in a fluent manner. They should work on these areas in a manner which can really make them feel better and they should not aim for the perfection but rather they should work hard in such a way that can really make them comfortable with the language.

6. Don’t pressurize and accept the errors if they exist

Pressurizing yourself to speak the language confidently, error-free free and with great rhythm and fluency is definitely not going to be fruitful. You need to make yourself comfortable with the language with the fact that you may make mistakes as it can happen even with those who are the native speakers of English language. Make sure that you are natural in talking and pay attention to the matter that you are going to tell to the audience and that will make sure that your language improves on a daily basis.

I hope you have understood all the points mentioned above but you need to understand one thing that it is all about practice and making yourself immersed in the language on a regular basis to feel more confident and you’ll be able to overcome the fear of English speaking in no time. Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comments section below and also share this blog with others especially the ones who have been going through the phase of the fear of English speaking.

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