10+ Phrasal Verbs with Animals by Zahid Sir | English by Zahid sir

10+ Phrasal Verbs with Animals by Zahid Sir | English by Zahid sir

10+ Phrasal Verbs with Animals by Zahid sir

1. Fish for: To try to get something

For example: He was fishing for compliments after buying a new car.


2. Rat on: To give some sensitive information about somebody to somebody else

For example: Although he promised not to disclose this matter but while talking to one of the neighbours, he ratted on his brother.


3. Chicken out: To avoid doing something because of fear

For example: He wanted to participate in the swimming competition but eventually, he chickened out.


4. Monkey around: To behave in a silly way

For example: You should not monkey around especially when you are sitting in a professional environment with seniors.


5. Crow about: To boast about the achievement

For example: Although he had got promotion for the first time in five years in his company, he kept on crowing about it to all his friends.


6. Clam up: To become silent all of a sudden

For example: She always clams up whenever she’s asked a few questions about her personal life.


7. Squirrel away: To save or hide something especially when that thing is going to be used in future

For example: He has been squirreling away money for five years because he wants to use it when he thinks that it is the appropriate time for him to get married.


8. Squirrel around: To move erratically

For example: Some of the people had been squirreling around as they were not sure about the right path to move forward.


9. Rabbit on: To chatter about something continuously

For example: If you want information about the books from him, he can rabbit on it for four to five hours.


10. Turtle along: To move or go slowly

For example: Because of the high traffic, we were only able to turtle along the highway which has recently been built.


11. Bear up: To tolerate something

For example: She has been bearing up this particular problem of getting the late salary from her company because of less job opportunities these days.


12. Pig out: To eat something a lot

For example: After Rahul passed in the competitive exam, his friends decided to take party from him and pig out on various eatables such as ice cream and pizza.

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