All meanings of put on – Phrasal Verb | English By Zahid Sir

All meanings of put on – Phrasal Verb | English By Zahid Sir

All meanings of put on

It is definitely true that one word of English can have lots of meanings and it is the same case with the phrasal verb “put on”. In this particular blog, you’ll be able to know all meanings of “put on” with examples and it will not be a difficult task for you to understand the meanings used in different contexts. Let’s understand the examples of “put on” used in different ways given below:

1. To wear or don a clothing, or anything related to it

For example:  Why didn’t he put on his new jacket when it was very cold outside?


2. To playfully fool or deceive someone

She was trying to look sicker at the party by putting on before all her friends before they came to know the reality.


3. To behave in a way which is different from the real one

You should not try to put on that kind of voice as it looks or it sounds like an imitating voice.


4. To play a piece of particular music or recording

Do you want to put on this particular song as you like it so much and listen to it everyday.


5. To start cooking something or making it warm

Let me put on some tea as all of you like to have it in the winter season.


6. To start performing for the people in the audience

There were some great actors who are well known worldwide and they tried to put on a great show before the audience.


7. To organize an event

A company is going to put on an exhibition next year for employees and other people to know more about the policies of the company.


8. To increase weight by a particular amount

One of my best friends was trying to put on 10 to 15 kgs as he was looking very thin and not feeling confident before the strangers.

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