Repeat Sentence Tips And Tricks: PTE Repeat Sentence | PTE By Zahid Sir

Repeat Sentence Tips And Tricks: PTE Repeat Sentence | PTE By Zahid Sir


Repeat Sentence Tips And Tricks | PTE By Zahid Sir

1. Bone up on your vocabulary

Working on your vocabulary extensively will surely make sure that you have a good understanding of words and once you listen to a particular sentence in the PTE exam, it will certainly help you. You will have a good stock of vocabulary with you and you’ll be able to understand all the words which you listen to during the audio of Repeat Sentence.


2. Getting used to listening will help

If you want to master Repeat Sentence in the PTE exam, you’ll have to start becoming habitual of listening to the English speakers. Listening will improve your memory power and you’ll be able to grab all the words spoken by the speaker in the audio of Repeat Sentence.  Repeat Sentence tips and tricks will work only when you practice more and more by focusing on listening skills and for that, you will have to go through different podcasts and talk shows which can help you in listening better.


3. Master the intonation 

If you can pay attention to the rise and fall of voice and speaking, it is certainly going to help you understand the sentence in the PTE exam. The speaking part is the only part when you are able to focus completely on the ways of sentences spoken by the speaker. You have to understand the stress along with the intonation of the sentence that a particular speaker has to say during your PTE Repeat Sentence audio.


4. Be cognizant of sentence structures

If you are not aware of sentence structures in a better way, you may have to face a reduction of marks in your PTE Repeat Sentence questions. Understanding the sentence structures of the English language will definitely help you grab the sentence spoken by the speaker in Repeat Sentence. Sentence structures play an indispensable role when it comes to understanding a particular sentence in the audio format.


5. Listen to varieties of English speakers

There are different types of speakers in the world and they can be British speakers, American speakers, Australian speakers, Canadian speakers, etc. You have to listen to all such speakers and they will definitely help you improve your listening skills. You’ll be able to differentiate between how a particular speaker pronounces and stresses a particular word in different regions of the world.


6. Memorize the sentence with phrases

If you can phrase a particular sentence in a better way, it will definitely help you memorize it in the most practical way. Phrases help you understand the type of sentence that a speaker has spoken and phrases also help you memorize the same sentence because you start dividing the sentence into a few parts by separating the sentence words by words.


7. Don’t try to copy the accent

If you are somebody who tries to copy the accent of the speaker in the PTE exam, especially during Repeat Sentence, there is a possibility for you to lose the marks. Copying the accent instantly will definitely result badly for you and if you don’t have good practice with any particular accent, you should never try to copy the accent of the speaker under normal circumstances. Try to be as natural and smooth as possible in your speech and pronunciation.



If you can follow the Repeat Sentence tips and tricks mentioned above in most successful manner, you will have a great chance for you to get very good marks in PTE Repeat Sentence. It is just about the confidence with which you are able to use the Repeat Sentence tips and tricks and you’ll be on your way to perform better in the PTE exam. Tips and tricks definitely work but they can be possible only with your practice of listening to the English language and then practicing it through your speaking.

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