What is rage applying? The new trend of job shifting in 2023

What is rage applying? The new trend of job shifting in 2023

What is rage applying? The new trend of job shifting in 2023

Let’s understand what is rage applying

It is a way of applying for multiple jobs in one go when you are in a state of anger or frustration with your current work or boss. This happens when you start feeling dissatisfied with the way things happen in your current job and you want to get out of this anyhow. Employees who feel burnt out, under appreciated and they lose their interest in the current job with other types of frustration including the pressure, start going through this new workplace trend and they just want to get rid of that way of work under a particular type of management which they do not like at all.

Work culture and frustration

Since lots of job opportunities, values and workplace cultures keep on changing every time, employees always look for the best opportunity for themselves and they look for a way which can help them out in getting access to a place which can make them most comfortable to work at. It is true that these days the situation has been such that employees go through exhaustion and burnout very frequently especially after Covid-19. The situation at workplace has become such in the fear of losing the job that it gives rise to need to go through the way of rage applying.

This particular term of ‘rage applying’ has come in trend now but it’s been going on for a long time and especially after the period of Covid-19 when many lost jobs and those who are into jobs, most of them have felt the urge to go through rage applying because they feel that the fear of losing their jobs and working under pressure from their boss and management has led them to great frustration and disappointment. Once you are demotivated at a workplace and you want to get rid of it anyhow, that’s the situation when you start looking for other opportunities and then you send your resume to different companies and HR managers who are looking for some great profiles.

When did the trend of rage applying start?

Rage applying has been going on for a very long time in this world but a Tik Tok user by the name of Redweez shared a video by telling the viewers that she rage applied and got the increment of $25,000. This video went viral and those who watched it also started going through this trend and many of them followed this trend and most of them also got the better opportunities by rage applying. Extra information that came out from Redweez is that she sent her resume to 15 jobs because she was not satisfied with the present job and was getting frustrated at her workplace. Rage applying rally helped her to great success as she got a job with a huge increment in her pay.

Many people got increment in salary because of rage applying and they also shared their experiences. This led the term ‘rage applying’ to go viral very soon on the Internet.

Why do people want to go ahead with rage applying?

Everybody wants to care about lifestyle because that’s what is important in everybody’s life and the situation of inflation has caused the people to meet their daily needs with great difficulty. To add insult to this injury, if workplace wants to give toxic and demeaning atmosphere to a particular employee, of course he/he is going to go ahead with rage applying as there will be no further interest to continue with the current job. In this situation, employees start giving their resumes to different companies and managers and look for the way to get rid of current good-for-nothing job.

Should employees rage apply?

This is definitely a trend which is going on right now but it is important for employees to understand that it may not always be a wise decision as they may not be aware of the new workplace where they may start working after giving resignation letter to the current job. Therefore, whenever employees send out their resume to do the work at a new place or in a new company, they need to be very much circumspect regarding it and they should do thorough research before shifting to a new place if they really want to stay mentally satisfied with the new role.

It is also true that in a fit of rage, they should not go through making bad decisions and choose a company in which the current employees are already frustrated because they may not be aware of all the happenings in the company where they’re going to shift for better satisfaction and peace in their life. They should ponder very deeply as to whether they will be able to get more benefits as compared to the current job and whether they will be at peace or not.

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