Persona 5 Royal: Changes In Comparison With Persona 5 – Important Information

Persona 5 Royal: Changes In Comparison With Persona 5 – Important Information


Persona 5 Royal: Changes In Comparison With Persona 5 – Important Information

How many things are there that are going to be new in persona 5 royal and what are the differences that we have to know between persona 5 and persona 5 royal? In this particular article, we will be going ahead with the information in a great way for you to make sure that you understand the additions and the changes that are taking place in persona 5 royal. There have been lots of tweaks which have been made and those tweaks need to be known for game lovers.

1. New additions in content

There is a new character by the name of Kasumi and a new semester has been added which takes the story ahead. There is a new feature by the name of ‘Thieves Den.’

You will also have the option of using the in-game currency for the sake of unlocking many things such as character models, artwork, music and cutscenes. You can find new enemies, new weapons, new armour, new accessories, new items, two new story endings, new personas, new events, etc. There is an inclusion of some confidants and they have got additional social scenes.

2. Some gameplay additions exist

You will be able to find joker with a grappling hook and it will make sure that you have access to new areas as far as dungeons are concerned. Additional boss like encounters and enemies can be found in some places. As far as Mementos is concerned, there will be a shop which sells some goods in exchange of flowers exclusively.

You can find some side quests that you can complete in Mementos and when it comes to the velvet room, it has something to offer special optional battles and you can participate in that if you really want to get more rewards.

3. Gameplay adjustments can also be found (dungeons and combat)

Guns become more valuable as ammo restocks can be done after battle. Whether it is about stats or available skills, some personas have been rebalanced in both ways. As far as enemies are concerned, they have also been rebalanced in these terms. Expansion of baton pass mechanic can be seen in this persona 5 royal.

4. Gameplay adjustments can also be found (everyday life) along with the other additions

You can get the recommendations through ‘Assist’ mechanic as it will help you to select any confidant for visiting. Some of the confidants have also been shown to be reworking perks. Reworking on the calendar has also been done in places as it will allow for free time as well as additional opportunities when it comes to having great interaction with the confidants.

Other additions that have been done in persona 5 royal include new opening, new main menu screen, new dialogue text font, approximately 30 new music tracks, graphical enhancement, weather effects, trophy list, etc.

5. Understanding persona 5 royal on PS5

It is going to run at 60 frames per second on PS5 but the game’s resolution will stay the same as it’s 4K on PS5. Character costumes and additional personas can be fused easily. You will not be able to transfer your saved data when it comes to transferring from persona 5 royal on PS4 to PS5. You just have to do everything from the very beginning.

You will find that person 5 royal on PS5 has got trophy list that belongs to only this platform. You cannot see the trophies getting unlocked automatically if you own them on PS4. As far as the content of persona 5 royal on PS5 and PS4 is concerned, everything is going to be identical whether it’s presentation, gameplay, story or anything else.

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