Gambling industry in Italy: Its growth with statistics and facts

Gambling industry in Italy: Its growth with statistics and facts

Gambling industry in Italy: Its growth with statistics and facts

When it comes to gambling, lotteries and betting, all countries in the world have got their own rules but as far as Italy is concerned, these things are legal over there. Different types of marketplaces exist in Italy and when it comes to only in the year 2021, more than €111 billion of total amount was wagered in the Italian gaming market and the figure grew up especially after the impact of the Covid-19. It is also the fact that it remained below pre-pandemic levels as far as Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of the gambling industry is concerned. GGR refers to the profit that the game providers are able to make through the difference between the winning amount of total players and the amount which is wagered.

How did online gambling rise during Covid-19?

As far as Italian retail gambling segment is concerned, according to some reports, it lost around €6 billion in gross gaming revenue and this happened between 2019 and 2021 because there was a huge impact of the pandemic. Italian gamblers started resorting to online gaming because of the lockdown situation and the total amount which was wagered went over €67 billion and this amount was double in terms of value in comparison to the year 2019. When it comes to the figure of gross gaming revenue, it also raised 3.7 billion which happened to be the highest figure since 2017.

The rise of soccer in sports betting in Italy

As far as soccer is concerned, it is certainly dominating the Italian sports betting market because the amount of €12 billion was punted by the betters on soccer matches and this amount was five times more than the amount wagered on the sport of tennis. This situation tells that gambling industry in Italy has a lot to do with soccer. Going through this online sports betting segment, GPO Italy had the highest share of the market in Italy in September 2022 as compared to Bet365, Sisal and Snaitech.

Gambling industry in the world

Gambling industry has certainly been on the rise in different parts of the world but there are many other countries which have different opinions as they believe that this industry has nothing good for humans but it is a way to spoil their financial conditions. Many believe that it can change the entire situation of a person’s life in terms of financial growth but many believe that it can be a great loss for human’s existence. Opinions differ place by place, state by state and country by country but it is definitely true that culturally and religiously, it has never been considered to be a good thing to get involved irrespective of where gambling takes place and in what form it takes place.  Betting on games and real world sports matches has also been considered to be a form of gambling by many.

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