Can AI Replace Human Jobs? | Zahid Sir

Can AI Replace Human Jobs? | Zahid Sir

Can AI Replace Human Jobs?

It is true that Artificial Intelligence which is abbreviated as AI has started replacing many different types of human jobs and it has started creating the trends in the market when it comes to manual jobs of some people. It is crucial for everyone to understand that there are different types of work which can be easily replaced by Artificial Intelligence or ChatGPT but there are certain limitations which have to be understood in a proper way so that we may not be in confusion anytime as far as Artificial Intelligence is concerned. Let us know some of the jobs about which it can be said that they can be replaced to a certain or a great extent depending upon the nature of the work and they have been given as follows:

1. Manual tasks and data analysis

AI has great automation system when it comes to replacing many types of manual tasks such as quality control and manufacturing, data entry as well as assembly line work. As far as data analysis is concerned, AI can certainly replace the jobs done by humans in terms of financial modeling, data analysis, maintenance of data in a quick and accurate manner.

2. Predictive maintenance and customer service support

As far as maintenance or the repairing work of the machinery or the equipment is concerned, it is always going to be on a regular basis but it is very uncertain for human beings to predict when the machine is going to be under repair but with the advanced features of AI, it is possible for humans to know about this particular issue as well and it will also reduce the time for the technicians to perform the actions to maintain the machines and here, AI is certainly going to be beneficial.

3. The field of translation and language services

AI has great power when it comes to the translation services but it is still in the developing phase because it is not accurate in a 100% manner because the data is still getting processed. When it comes to having accurate translation of any world language, the people involved in the Artificial Intelligence field are trying their level best to make sure that proper translation can come out. Here, AI has decreased human jobs to a great extent because many top-level companies have started depending themselves and their services on AI-based translation but the companies looking for great quality of translation still hire human translators.

4. White collar jobs and driverless vehicles

The role of AI can be found very easily when it comes to white-collar jobs and driverless vehicles. As far as white collar jobs are concerned, they are related to data entry, counting, reviewing of different types of data and these white collar jobs are certainly at risk since the advancement of AI is on the peak especially at present when technology is making the world better because of the fast Internet in different regions. When it comes to driverless vehicles, it can easily be seen that different types of vehicles and many different types of metros, trains are getting driverless and AI is definitely becoming beneficial in this particular place. AI has the way to identify the destination of passengers as well because it can help the humans to understand about the stoppages and various other things.

AI Limitations

AI can not take away all types of jobs and it is a good thing because Artificial Intelligence can not ever conquer human intelligence and that’s the great thing about humans. Whether it is teaching, management, leadership, critical thinking, legal decisions and the list goes on and on… but AI can also help in making these types of work more efficient if used properly but it all depends on individuals. 

Hence, through all the given examples above, it can easily be said that AI is definitely becoming the main thing at present and if humans have to make themselves completely better when it comes to doing job, they also need to update themselves as per the latest technology to make sure that they are not deprived of the job which becomes the reason for their well-being in day-to-day life. If they need to become the breadwinners of their family, they have to go hand in hand with the Artificial Intelligence at present and they’ll find themselves very comfortable with the things of AI and they’ll be able to use AI for the betterment of their career as well.

I hope I’ve been able to make the things very clear for you and you have understood this topic very well. Don’t forget to give your views in the comments section below and also share this blog with your family and friends.

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