English Words With Meaning – 10 Useful Words | English By Zahid Sir

English Words With Meaning – 10 Useful Words | English By Zahid Sir

We have 10 English words with meaning given below for you to use while writing and speaking so that you can enhance your English vocabulary along with extraordinary knowledge of the words given below.  Let’s know 10 English words that you can use during the formal or informal conversation. I have also given the example sentence for each vocabulary so that you may have a better understanding of how to use that particular vocabulary in your English.


1. Qualmish : To feel nauseous

Example sentence : Do you feel qualmish while traveling in the car?


2. Pith : Essence

Example sentence : What was the pith of his lecture in the auditorium by which you seem to have been impressed a lot?


3. Harry : To harass

Example sentence : Action was taken against some male students of the university who harried two female classmates.


4. Elusive : Difficult to understand

Example sentence : His statement about this particular issue seems very elusive.


5. Vicious : Violent

Example sentence : Don’t many people become vicious just by listening to the rumours of various types on social media platforms?


6. Smattering : A small amount/number of

Example sentence : There was a smattering of people who were against this particular new law of the government.


7. Doleful : Sorrowful

Example sentence : He gave a doleful look about his career in that particular company in which he had joined as a fresher.


8. Facile : Effortless and easy

Example sentence : He put forward facile solution to this particular problem which the company has been facing for the last almost two years. 


9. Deference :  Great and utmost respect

Example sentence : All his sons have become the examples for other children to learn as all of them treat their elders with deference.


10. Petulant : Bad-tempered

Example sentence : We should know how to handle the petulant persons.


All the 10 above-mentioned English words with meaning are remarkably well for you to use them in your daily conversation to take your standard of English a step ahead.

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