20 Idioms With Go In English | English By Zahid Sir

20 Idioms With Go In English | English By Zahid Sir

20 Idioms With “Go” In English | English By Zahid Sir

  1. Go the whole hog: To do something completely or with maximum effort

   Example: Instead of just learning broken English, he decided to go the whole hog and become a great speaker.


  1. Go with the flow: To accept a situation and do accordingly

   Example: Instead of stressing himself, he decided to go with the flow of his team and see the result.


  1. Go back to the drawing board: To start again from the beginning

   Example: The initial design didn’t meet requirements, so we decided to go back to the drawing board.


  1. Go for broke: To risk everything often to get success

   Example: The team decided to go for broke to launch the new product of the company.


  1. Go the way of the dodo: To disappear completely

    Example: With the trend of YouTube, CDs have gone the way of the dodo.


  1. Go against the clock: To work against a deadline

   Example: We need to finish the project by tomorrow that’s why we’re going against the clock.


  1. Go the whole nine yards: To put in maximum effort

    Example: The party member decided to go the whole nine yards to do this work.


  1. Go the extra mile: To put in additional effort

    Example: They always go the extra mile to earn more incentives from the company.


  1. Go hand in glove: To be closely associated with something or someone

    Example: These two departments go hand in glove for company’s growth.


  1. Go hand in hand with something: To be connected or associated with something

    Example: Exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy diet if you want to remain fit.


  1. Go cold turkey: To suddenly stop a habit or addiction

    Example: After years of drinking, he decided to go cold turkey and never touch wine again.


  1. Go from rags to riches: To go from being very poor to being very rich

    Example: Through hard work, he went from rags to riches and built a successful business.


  1. Go for a spin: To take a short trip for pleasure

    Example: The weather was nice, so we decided to go for a spin in the village.


  1. Go against the tide: To do something in opposition to prevailing opinions or trends

    Example: Despite criticism, he decided to go against the tide and pursue a career in agriculture field.


  1. Go against the grain: To do differently from what is considered normal

    Example: John’s decision to become an artist went against the grain of his family.


  1. Go with your gut: To follow your instincts or intuition while making a decision

    Example: Despite confusion, she decided to go with her gut about choosing her career path.


  1. Go off the radar: To disappear

    Example: After quitting social media, she went off the radar and focused on living a digital-free life.


  1. Go belly up: To fail or become bankrupt

    Example: The new shop couldn’t attract enough customers and eventually went belly up.


  1. Go for the jugular: To confront someone with great determination

Example: In the school debate, the student went for the jugular by giving some strong points.


  1. Go down memory lane: To revisit past memories or experiences

   Example: As they went through old photos, they went down memory lane and became emotional.


I hope you’ve liked these 20 Idioms with Go in English and if you want to make these idioms perfect, keep revising them from here.

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