12 Idioms with Numbers | English By Zahid Sir

12 Idioms with Numbers | English By Zahid Sir

12 Idioms with Numbers

1. Take five/ten: To take a short break typically for 5 minutes or 10 minutes

I’m going to take five because I’ve worked for two hours continuously.

Why do you want to take ten? You have just started working half an hour back.


2. Six feet under: To be dead and buried

You don’t need to think about a time 100 years later because by then we will be six feet under.


3. At the eleventh hour:  At the last moment

He finally reached the examination hall at the eleventh hour after getting stuck in the traffic for two hours.


4. A dime a dozen: Anything which is very common and it has very little value

Anyone can read this particular text as it is a dime a dozen. We are asking you to read something which is difficult and complicated to understand.


5. Ten a penny: So common that it has become worthless

Going through this book is ten a penny and it’s not going to give you lots of benefits in terms of knowledge.


6. On cloud nine: Extremely happy

He was on cloud nine when he came to know that he had cleared the entrance exam to get admission in one of the top institutions of the country.


7. Behind the eight ball: In a disadvantageous situation

If you do not do this work, it will certainly put you behind the eight ball.


8. Nine days’ wonder: Something which gives a short-lived happiness or sensation

His interest to learn this particular language is nine days’ wonder as he is going to quit it very soon.


9. At sixes and sevens: Confused

He was at sixes and sevens when he saw one of the questions from mathematics.


10. Five-finger discount: An act of shoplifting especially of a small item

He was involved in a five-finger discount and he was caught by the shopkeeper but he was left unpunished as he vowed not to repeat it.


11. Fire on all four cylinders: To use the most possible level of efficiency to do something

After getting the training, he’s going to fire on all four cylinders to make sure that he gets promotion next year in the company.


12. Zero in on: To pay attention to one particular thing

If the government wants to eradicate the problem of poverty, it will have to zero in on its roots and understand its causes with accurate data.

You all should memorize these 12 idioms with numbers and use them in your English conversation to feel more confident.

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