Read Aloud Tips And Tricks PTE Academic | PTE By Zahid Sir

Read Aloud Tips And Tricks PTE Academic | PTE By Zahid Sir


Read Aloud Tips And Tricks PTE Academic | PTE By Zahid Sir

It is important for you to understand that there are three things on which the score of Read Aloud is based and those three things are content, oral fluency as well as pronunciation. 

Your content is definitely the king

Whenever you read aloud any type of content, you have to make sure that you are speaking the correct words. Your marks will definitely be deducted if you miss any word or you replace a particular word with a new word or if you try to insert any new word. In a nutshell, it is important for you to understand that your answer should have only those words which exactly match with the text given in the content.

Focus on oral fluency

You have to understand the way of delivering your content naturally and smoothly and that’s what gives the importance of oral fluency in your speaking. There are certain areas where you can work if you want to work on your oral fluency and those areas include stress, phrasing as well as the rhythm of the words you are going to read aloud. If you want to get the best results, you have to try to speak naturally with an average speed which is neither too fast nor too slow and that should be with proper phrasing for you to feel comfortable while delivering.

Pronunciation is the biggest factor

If you are going through the section of Read Aloud, pronunciation is certainly going to be the most effective factor to decide the number of marks you’ll be getting and if you can articulate the words with proper stress and phrasing, you will definitely be able to get good marks. Having correct pronunciation means that you are very much confident about imitating a native speaker in terms of the way to pronounce a particular word. The words you are going to speak should be such that they may sound understandable to anybody who is a normal speaker of the English language and your pronunciation should not give the confusion between any two words. It should be clear in such a way that anybody can understand the word without having to listen to it attentively.

Read Aloud tips and tricks to follow to score higher

1. Utilize the complete 30-40 seconds in your mind before you get to hear the short tone to read the text

If you can use your 40 seconds of preparation time and be mentally ready to read the text clearly, it will definitely help you with everything whether it is related to punctuation marks or pauses. You should definitely make some notes in your mind during the preparation time related to the words to stress and the place to pause and accordingly, you will be able to speak in a better way when the time for you to read aloud starts.

2. Give importance to punctuation marks

When you are in the process of preparing for Read Aloud, you should always give good importance to punctuation marks as they can help you read aloud any text in a better way. You should understand all the symbols of punctuation and you should follow their rules which will make you sound more confident.

3. Proper stress on words is vital

If you are not aware of voice modulation, it is important for you to understand this. You should know how to apply stress on different words and wherever applicable, you have to use this stress to actually emphasize a particular word in an appropriate position. Stressing a word can be done by giving a little bit louder sound and you should also understand how to use syllables to stress a particular word.

4. Understand the time to start and finish speaking

Many students make this mistake and they may start speaking when there is no short tone to speak and in this way, their voice is not recorded and they have to lose their marks. And it also happens that many students are not able to finish before the progress bar reaches the end and due to this, also they have to lose their marks. Keeping this point in mind will always give you an understanding of when to start and stop speaking.

5. Don’t take a pause for more than three seconds, otherwise……

You have to get this ingrained in your mind that you do not take a pause for more than three seconds in any situation otherwise, the recording will stop and you won’t be able to get the marks in Read Aloud section.

Final point

You have to be specific in Read Aloud section and you can’t miss out on any of the points mentioned above and it is a crucial task in the PTE academic exam and if you can follow all the Read Aloud tips and tricks mentioned above, you will certainly be able to feel more confident and you can prepare for your exam in a better way and with better planning. So go ahead and follow the Read Aloud tips and tricks and you will be able to get better marks with your hardwork and practice.

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