How to unravel the mystery of crossword puzzle: 5 ways

How to unravel the mystery of crossword puzzle: 5 ways


How to unravel the mystery of crossword puzzle: 5 ways

You must have heard the word ‘crossword puzzle’, it’s definitely going to make you feel flabbergasted and you may think of something which is going to be a herculean task. Words, letters, and numbers are just going to be before you but you shouldn’t worry as few steps can help you out solving the mystery of a crossword puzzle.  If you want to get the answer to ‘how to unravel the mystery of crossword puzzle’, keep reading this and you’ll get the origin of crossword puzzle and some of the steps to know more.

The background of crossword puzzle

It began in 1913 and the person who started in 1913 was Arthur Wynne from Manchester, England and he was a journalist working for an American newspaper by the name of New York World. He created something that he called ‘word cross’ in which there were some words and the intersection was available in vertical as well as horizontal form. He also gave some of the clues alongside and this thing has remained unchanged even today and people look after the clues to see to it that they become successful in solving the crossword puzzle.

Arthur Wynne’s crossword was such that it became hugely popular all over the world very soon and other newspapers also started this trend of publishing different types of crossword puzzle and it was in 1924 when Simon and Schuster released first book related to puzzles which also had the original design created by Wynne. This collection of puzzles became one of the most popular at that time and the book also had millions of buyers as millions of copies were sold and people started solving the puzzles on their own because they had too much enthusiasm and interest for it.

As far as the year 1929 is concerned, there were more than 100 books that were published and they had crosswords in them and by 1942, Britain also got the craze of crosswords where the popularity remains even today. There have been many variations on the work of Wynne and the variations include scrambled word puzzles, cryptograms but the basic thing of the crossword remains unchanged even today i.e related to the diamond-shaped grid filled with words and some clues printed alongside and this is what excites the most when there is any reader looking after a magazine or a newspaper.

 5 Amazing steps for avid readers to solve crossword puzzles

1. Work with the pencil, guess and write lightly

Crossword puzzles are just going to make you feel completely at a loss but you may still try to guess the answers and write lightly whenever and wherever required. This is going to help you out to find the correct answer but it is not necessary every time that you will get the correct answer but it may lead you to find the correct answer in many ways.

2. Don’t jump to immediate conclusions

Jumping to immediate conclusions will not be able to help you but you need to give some time for yourself and find out what is going to be the final guess which is going to be right in this situation while solving the crossword puzzles.

3. Don’t throw in the towel just after two minutes or so

‘Never quit’ is the term that should always reverberate with you because when you just quit it too soon, you won’t be able to find the solution you are looking for. It is important for you to give some time to it and ponder as better as possible and that should help you come close to the answer.

4. Don’t make the mistake of looking at the answers before solving

This is what many people do and that’s why they’re not able to excel in this particular thing of solving crossword puzzles. Looking at the answers first and then going through solving the puzzles is not the right step to do and it will never be interesting and you won’t be able to learn anything. Find answers by yourself and if you feel that you have squandered too much of your time then at last you may think of looking at the answer and then matching it in the box where you need the help.

5. Brainstorming is going to help

Looking for the answers is certainly going to get you certain ideas and brainstorming is something which you should never forget the importance of. Once you know that you need to brainstorm then only you will be able to get the answer or you’ll come close to the answer. Once you like doing it as often as possible, that’s what will make you fall in love with solving the crossword puzzles.


Since the beginning of crossword in 1913 by Arthur Wynne, it has spread internationally in terms of its popularity and the way it amazingly makes the readers glued to find out the answers for the mysterious boxes is out of the world. There is an appealing attraction towards the crossword even if you are taking it as fun or you want to make yourself mentally strong by continuous efforts to solve as many crossword puzzles as possible. One thing is for sure and that is, you’ll be able to champion the tricks and tips and make sure for yourself that you think harder than anybody else can when it comes to solving even the most difficult problem.

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