Top 15 websites to get freelance translation jobs

Top 15 websites to get freelance translation jobs


Skipping the clichéd introduction and going through the main point is important here as many must be wondering as to how things are going to work to get translation jobs especially when it comes to freelancing jobs through online platforms.

There are different ways that can really be helpful for you and you need to follow all the ways and think about which one is going to work for you. Different websites are also available online and you have to check by yourself whether one website is going to work for you or the other one.

1. First thing first: Owning a Website

Owning a website is definitely going to make your personal brand very popular especially when you are under the nose of the clients who are looking for trustworthy and quality translators in different languages of the world. Once you are able to show your presence through your own website, social media networks and groups do not stand anywhere as compared to that. Clients are just going to be engaged with you directly and that’s going to help you a lot. It is crucial for you to understand that WordPress Themes are available at a reasonable price and you can choose the one which best suits your website and it will make your presence worthy.

2. Going through Traditional Agencies for translation jobs

It is definitely going to be obvious because translation agencies, also known as LSPs which stands for Language Service Providers (such as TransPerfect, Appen, Translation Plus), have made their presence on the online platforms. These agencies accept the Curriculum Vitae of the translators and when they like it, they offer a test assignment. Once translators are selected through test assignment, they add the translators to their pool of translators. There are many respectable companies working on those platforms and once you start focusing on those companies, it’s definitely going to enhance your quality as a great translator.

3. One Hour translation

This particular platform is among the most successful and oldest websites and many professional and experienced translators have been working on this platform for a long time. You’ll have the feel of the time of the 2000s and it also works very closely with the freelancers. As far as the payment is concerned, it is quite better as compared to some other platforms.

4. Gengo

it’s definitely going to be a great platform since it happens to be a well-known agency on the Internet at present. You can find helpful online platforms through this agency and you may do your translations very easily. If you are able to translate into some foreign languages, you will not be going without employment on this platform. Language commandment is important and the Japanese language is such which gets more work on this platform. Translators get the work and those who apply first get the work first and when it comes to rates, they are modest which translators can feel are reasonable.

5. Text Master

This particular platform has the capability of explaining complex things in a very simple word and it is good for the freelancers. This platform has the claim of focusing on quality of translations because this platform says that it admits only 25% of freelancers because of the quality issues. As far as the monthly visits are concerned, this platform gets 160,000 monthly visits. You can easily withdraw your payment through the methods of PayPal and Pioneer on this platform.

6. Proz

This is definitely going to be a home for all types of translation agencies and translators. When it comes to translators, they just need to give their profiles here and customers will be there who will be posting their jobs. When both of them get connected, this particular forum makes sure that translators get their work by building their presence on this platform. As far as its monthly visitors are concerned, the visitors exceed 4000000 and it has got LinkedIn followers of more than 80,000.

7. Unbabel

This particular platform is built entirely on a particular thing which is known as machine translation post editing and it really makes the customers rejoice as to how linguists coming back from different languages work here. The process of the translation becomes easier for the translators on this platform. According to an estimate, this particular platform has around 320,000 site visits per month and translators get paid on an hourly basis.

8. Translators Cafe

This is also a platform of getting translation jobs but there are only fewer translation jobs here. It is also quite similar to Proze but it has a smaller presence. The monthly visitors are there which exceed 2000000.

9. The Open Mic

You can find the actual customers on this particular platform but this particular platform is not so much widespread in terms of its popularity but once more and more customers enter this platform, its popularity will increase even more.

10. Translation Directory

As far as this particular platform is concerned, it is able to get more than 130,000 visitors every month. You will be able to get the clients if you are a regular visitor over here.

11. Smartcat

This is a cat tool and it also has so many profiles of translators and if you really want to become the one over here, you can too make your profile. Many clients have the requirement of getting the translation work done and they may choose from the list of translators whom they need to assign their task for translation in a particular language. Smartcat works as the name suggests which is very smartly. Even if you do not happen to be a paid visitor to the platform, you can still get some bonus every month to do your translation work with a good flow. Other good platforms for translation jobs among top 15 websites to get freelance translation jobs have been mentioned as follows:

12. Microworkers

Depending upon the work and the combination of the languages, this particular platform offers different types of tasks from various sectors including translation. It’s not just about survey, giving reviews and writing-related work, you can also get translation as well as transcription jobs on this platform. As far as payout is concerned, it is low as compared to other platforms but it’s still good if you want to have some pocket money.


It has got the purpose of going through a smaller marketplaces and you can find a few jobs related to translation along with other work on this platform. There are not so many jobs related to translation but even if you want to have jobs related to translation, you need to be very much fast to take the hold of the job whenever it is posted. As far as its monthly visits are concerned, this platform garners 9000000 visitors every month.

14. Fiverr

This particular platform gives you the work for all price ranges and it has been known to be a very important part of ‘gigonomy’. You can get different types of work as a freelancer including the translation jobs. This is one of the most famous platforms to get translation jobs and you can be in touch with the clients for a long time by giving quality work to satisfy them. This particular platform has got monthly visitors of 36000000 and it has got more than 800K followers on LinkedIn.

15. Upwork

It has been known to be a veteran in terms of freelancing jobs and freelancers know it inside out. The varieties of work on this particular perform attracts more and more freelancers and clients also come here to give their part of the job and even full projects to the freelancers on a fixed amount. It has got more than 27000000 visitors every month and also has a great presence on LinkedIn platform.


The above-mentioned platforms to get freelancing translation jobs are going to be great but you need to understand about your quality of translation in the target language. The clients are most of the time looking for the professional and quality translators who can give exact essence of the terms and meanings which is found in the source text. You can try all such platforms and experience yourself to find out which one works better for you. Don’t forget to share your experience  as a translator after working on any one of the platforms.

(Note: All types of data mentioned in this article have been taken from a few sources and they may be different from the actual count.)

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