Cockney Rhyming Slang In English | English By Zahid Sir

Cockney Rhyming Slang In English | English By Zahid Sir

Cockney Rhyming Slang In English

Cockney rhyming slang in English is a type of slang which is used mainly and predominantly in the United Kingdom. As far as the word Cockney is concerned, it’s a descriptive word and it is used basically to describe somebody who is from a particular area in London. The purpose of slang words coming from the category of Cockney rhyming slang was a way to make the people confused who were unable to understand the lingo and it made people have conversations privately.

There are many Cockney rhyming slang words which were also developed by those who were market sellers and street traders. But in modern time, it is used more in a fun and interesting way to use the English language as compared to the traditional words and English Phrases. It is important to understand that Cockney rhyming slang are basically used in informal English and they are meant for only informal conversations. Cockney words are used in such a way which rhyme with the original meaning of the words. For example, the meaning of apples and pears is stairs and the word and the meaning are in rhyme with each other. There can be some humorous references to the cockney words and examples of these humorous words include fat boy slim which means gym. These words just add humor to the language and this should only be used in an informal situation without making the situation serious for anybody to misunderstand.

Let’s know some of the interesting examples of Cockney slang words given as follows:

  1. Adam and Eve: To believe
  2. Bag of fruit: Suit
  3. Baker’s dozen: Cousin
  4. Scotch eggs: Legs
  5. Plates of meat: Feet
  6. Brown bread: Dead
  7. Brahms and Liszt: Pissed (Drunk)
  8. Cock and hen: Ten 
  9. Bob Hope: Soap
  10. Barnet fair: Hair 
  11. Boat race: Face
  12. Aunt Joannah: Piano 
  13. Currant Bun: Sun
  14. Darby and Joan: Moan 
  15. Cream crackered: Tired, exhausted
  16. Daisy roots: Boots
  17. Hampstead Heath: Teeth
  18. China plate: Mate or friend
  19. Mince pies: Eyes
  20. North and South: Mouth 
  21. Loaf of bread: Head
  22. Bread and honey: Money
  23. Dicky dirt: Shirt 
  24. Farmer Giles: Piles (a disease)
  25. Duke of Kent: Rent
  26. Dog and bone: Phone
  27. Jam tart: Heart
  28. Half inch: Pinch which means to steal
  29. Frog and toad: Road 
  30. Pen and ink: Stink 
  31. Skin and blister: Sister
  32. Porky pie: Lie
  33. Rabbit and pork:  To talk
  34. Mickey bliss: pits
  35. Whistle and flute: Suit
  36. Treacle tart: Sweetheart
  37. Tit  for tat: Hat
  38. Tea leaf: Thief

Cockney rhyming slang basically came from the capital of England which is London but it has gradually started spreading to other countries and it is now being used by many people. Cockney rhyming slang has been used in some of the movies of Hollywood as well. Therefore, it is also important for you to get the lowdown on the cockney slang words and you’ll be able to add valuable knowledge to your English language.

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